The Viking Queen Raids Kickstarter!

The Viking Queen Raids Kickstarter!

Publishing company Source Point Press has unveiled the latest from famed comic book writer Paul Storrie (Gotham Girls, Robyn of Sherwood, Batman Beyond, Captain America, Justice League Unlimited) on Kickstarter recently. Storrie has written a one-shot comic book titled The Viking Queen that began a two-week Kickstarter campaign on January 15th.

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Source Point Press and Comics Experience to Debut 4 New Titles



Comics Experience and Source Point Press are pleased to announce a new partnership! The two companies have launched an initiative that will support the development and publish the work of emerging comics talent.

The CE-SPP partnership will offer a path to publication for members of the Comics Experience Creators Workshop community, students and alumni of Comics Experience’s courses, and Comics Experience’s mentoring clients. The initiative will include both print and digital comics. Titles published through the program will be distributed to comic book stores through Diamond Comics Distributors, while digital comics will be for sale on comiXology.

The comics education leader Comics Experience and the publishing innovator Source Point Press have developed this initiative as part of their shared commitment to creating and nurturing relationships with their audiences, and with the creators whose work they publish.

Comics Experience’s founder and president, Andy Schmidt, said, “We believe our shared focus on helping creators will in turn help the comics industry, and grow our two businesses.”

Travis McIntire, Source Point Press president and editor-in-chief, commented, “At Source Point Press we're always looking for new material to try and to get a larger comic audience. Partnering with Comics Experience is a terrific opportunity to acquire a pipeline of great, new comics from dynamic new creators that we think any fan of the medium will love!”

A submission window opened to Comics Experience community members in January 2018, and more windows will open through the coming year. An overview of the program and submission guidelines can be found on the Comics Experience website.

Comics Experience and Source Point will premiere their first four jointly-published titles at Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2), April 6-8, 2018. They are: Achilles Inc. by Andy Schmidt, Daniel Maine, Francesca Zambon, and ET Dollman; Wretched Things by Devon Wong and Ken Perry; The Family Graves by Tim Bach, Brian Atkins, et al; and Grief by Frank Gogol and various artists. Full descriptions and covers for each series are below.

Achilles Inc. by Andy Schmidt, Daniel Maine, Francesca Zambon, and ET Dollman
In a flash of light, the world changed, and a sliver of the world’s population gained extraordinary abilities. But what if these individuals decided not to put on brightly colored tights, and instead decided to use their gifts for their own benefits?


Wretched Things by Devon Wong, Ken Perry, and John Hunt
It was written in blood by the rat kings, woven in silk by the spider sages, recited in verse by the ancient warlords of the centipedes: The Vermin shall inherit the Earth. A rich fantasy in the tradition of The Secret of NIMH tells the stories of great heroes who live in the margins of our world.


The Family Graves by Tim Bach, Brian Atkins, and Marco DellaVerde
The Family Graves combines science-fiction adventure and family drama with a love of classic monster movies to create a fun supernatural action tale.


Grief by Frank Gogol, with art by Nenad Cviticanin, Kim Holm, Ryan Foust, Bethany Varni, Jey Soliva, Luca Bulgheroni, Esther P. Gil-Munilla, Emily Elmer, Sean Rinehart, and Dani Martins
No two people are the same, but everybody grieves. Grief follows ten very different people as they each struggle with the pain of loss and their own personal demons.



About Source Point Press:
Source Point Press is a Michigan-based independent comics publisher, specializing in the horror, sci-fi, pulp, true crime, occult, and supernatural genres. With a catalog of over 50 titles and an exceptional commitment to building reader-publisher relationships, SPP attends over 50 shows annually.

About Comics Experience:
Comics Experience is an educational company supporting the development of comics creators. Based in Kentucky for a global comics community, CE offers live, online courses in all aspects of making comics, taught by working professionals in the field. CE also strives to grow and develop new talent through its online community, the Creators Workshop.

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Source Point Press Debuts in February's Previews Catalog

Source Point Press Previews PR1.jpg

Official Press Release

Horror and science fiction publisher Source Point Press will be debuting in the February 2018 issue of the Previews catalog from Diamond Comic Distributors. Source Point will solicit 3 titles in the issue, scheduled to hit retailers in April, including 2 one-shot comic books and a trade paperback graphic novel.

Founded in 2012, the company has seen rapid growth in publishing books, comics and graphic novels, especially in the last couple years. They’ve recently expanded into ancillary efforts, building on the popularity of their titles in the form of movies, board games, and even audio drama series.

“We’ve been honored that the growing demand for our comic books has allowed us to independently distribute our products to retailers,” says Founder and Art Director Joshua Werner, “but we’re very excited to take this step with Diamond Comic Distributors. Comic book stores everywhere will now be able to order our titles conveniently and easily in their regular Previews orders.”

The following titles from Source Point Press will be appearing in February’s Previews:

Haunted High-Ons (One-shot Comic)

Jamie Madrox and Monoxide - collectively known as the horror core rap duo TWIZTID - have carved out a comfortable side-gig for themselves as fake ghost hunters... but what happens when a routine house call yields not only a ghost, but a killer demon to boot? Hijinks and horror, of course! Written by Dirk Manning (Nightmare World, Tales of Mr. Rhee), with pencils and inks by Marianna Pescosta and colors and letters by Alessandro DeFornasari. Hitting stores 4/11/18. $3.99 Diamond Code: FEB181780

Source Point Press Previews PR2.jpg

Dead Duck and Zombie Chick: Rising From the Grave (One- shot Comic)

Master cartoonist Jay Fosgitt (My Little Pony, Rocket Raccoon and Groot, Bodie Troll) returns to his darkly comedic roots with the return of Dead Duck and Zombie Chick! Laugh along with the deadpan humor as Dead Duck does his best to keep up on his day job... delivering the souls of the dead for processing! Hitting stores 4/25/18. $4.99  Diamond Code: FEB181781

Source Point Press Previews PR3.jpg

Salvagers: Abandoned Cargo (Graphic Novel)

This trade paperback collects all four issues of the Salvagers: Abandoned Cargo comic book miniseries. In the distant future, the habitable planets are connected through the trade of natural and artificial resources. After the end of the Galactic War, peace blanketed the galaxy; however, planets with little shipping resources turned to piracy or developed small guerrilla military units geared to pillage trade ships. This spawned the necessity for trade companies to hire private security contractors for protection. Even under the security of peacetime, there is no shortage of violence in outer space; from looting raiders, Navy destroyers neutralizing a rebel movement to the simplest space station falling victim to a rogue asteroid. These destroyed or abandoned ships and stations are classified as "WRECKS." Licensed crews are commissioned by governments, empires and corporations to remove these lifeless hulks. In a hostile galaxy, the risk and reward is high for these crews. They are known as...SALVAGERS. Written by Bob Salley (Drexler, Shelter Division) with art by George Acevedo, colors by DeSiKa, and letters by HdE. Hitting stores 4/18/18. $17.99 Diamond Code: FEB181782

  Diamond Code : FEB181782

Diamond Code: FEB181782

“We’re kicking off our Previews debut with some beloved titles,” says Source Point Press Editor-In-Chief Travis McIntire. “If you’re new to Source Point and our particular brand of horror, sci-fi and humor, this is the perfect introduction to who we are and what we do. We hope you’ll join in on the fun.”

Source Point Press Previews PR5.jpg

Source Point Press is a Michigan-based publisher, rapidly becoming a leader in publishing alternative fiction in the form of books, graphic novels, and comics. With a large focus on horror and science fiction, Source Point continues to produce quality content with both legends in the industry as well as new artists and writers on the rise. More information can be found at, and

Email for inquiries or interview opportunities with the creators. 

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Twiztid: Haunted High-Ons Debuting at New York Comic Con

Twiztid: Haunted High-Ons Debuting at New York Comic Con

Horrorcore rap duo Twiztid are unveiling their new one-shot comic from Source Point Press at New York Comic Con October 5th – 8th. A limited edition convention exclusive variant cover will be available at the Source Point Press booth and a free autograph session will even take place there from 1-4pm Saturday Oct. 7th with writer Dirk Manning, artist Marianna Pescosta, colorist and letterer Alessandro De Fornasari, and even Jamie Madrox and Monoxide themselves!

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Graphic Novel 'THE REJECTED' Coming Soon!

Source Point Press is releasing a new horror graphic novel titled ‘The Rejected’, which is hitting stores this fall. An early limited edition variant cover was released at Motor City Comic Con in May and promptly sold out at the convention. Source Point Press and writer Stan Konopka will be giving one more chance at getting an early limited edition release with a special run of 100 Garden State Comic Fest exclusive covers that can be purchased at their convention July 8th and 9th. This variant cover will feature artwork by Keyla Valerio (the artist from the incredibly popular Source Point Press comic ‘The Séance Room’). 

The Rejected is written by Stan Konopka, with art by Corey Christian Anderson, lettering by Micah Myers, and with cover art by Shawn Langley. While the title does not hit stores until this fall, it will be available digitally in July, and Source Point Press is taking pre-orders for print copies on their website now, to ensure loyal readers get a copy before it sells out. The 56-page graphic novel retails for only $5.99. “This creative team is a welcome addition to the Source Point Press family, and The Rejected is a perfect fit in our lineup,” says Editor-In-Chief Travis McIntire. 

This synopsis of the graphic novel was provided by writer Stan Konopka and famed author and filmmaker David C. Hayes: Billy is hounded, bullied and abused. He wants nothing more than a loving family... but it doesn't seem to be in the cards for him. That hate. That dejection. It calls out in Billy's voice and, this time, something answered. The Rejected, led by Mr. Teeth, offer Billy otherworldly protection and a place in the family. The shadowy beings allow Billy to take his revenge on anyone that maligned him. Billy has to be careful, though. The Rejected can make your desires come true... but at what price? 

“The Rejected is the type of story that we can all relate to on some level, and one that forcibly turns your head to face the darkness within us all,” says Source Point Press Art Director Joshua Werner. “What would we do? How far would we go, if we had Mr. Teeth by our side?”

Source Point Press is a Detroit-based publisher of horror, sci-fi, and mystery comics, books, and graphic novels. Founded in 2012 by Joshua Werner and Trico J. Lutkins, Source Point Press now find themselves as one of the fastest growing small press publishers in the industry! 

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