Chris Sun's Horrific Novel "Ed" is Here

Award-winning screenplay writer and director Chris Sun (Charlie’s Farm, Daddy’s Little Girl) has written his first horror novel... And you’re not ready for this! Source Point Press has announced the serial killer novel “Ed” to be available for stores and readers to order as of October 31st, Halloween.

Ed tells the story of Larry, an Ed-Gein obsessed serial killer. Ed Gein’s crimes were so depraved and macabre that he became a classic horror icon for such fictional characters as Norman Bates, Leatherface, and Buffalo Bill. But regardless of all this notoriety, no one would ever really understand Gein the way Larry does. Ed was an artist, and Larry understood his inspiration. He saw the same thing when he looked at human skin, the seductive promise of screaming and pain, the raw unadulterated feeling of power. All skin was potential art. But unlike Ed Gein, who robbed graves for his prize, Larry took pleasure in a warm, living body.... 

“We’re excited to be working with this world renown filmmaker. Chris’ novel fits wonderfully in our horror lineup,” says Source Point Press Editor-In-Chief Travis McIntire. Having previously been released only in Australia, this newly edited edition is available for stores to order as October 31st, and will be available internationally through the book distributor Ingram. 

“Chris’ fanbase for his films is strong, and they’re hungry for more content,” says Source Point’s Art Director Joshua Werner. “They’ll be pleasantly surprised to see that he’s expanded into another form of media, novels, and any fan of his films (or horror in general) will be blown away by this!”

Source Point Press is a Detroit-based publisher of horror, supernatural, occult and pulp comics, novels, and art books. Founded in 2012 by Joshua Werner and Trico J. Lutkins, Source Point Press slowly paid their dues on the convention circuit, churning out titles. That hard work has begun to pay off as they find themselves as one of the fastest growing small press publishers in the industry!
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