Proud to Announce Our Newest Retail Partner: The Comic Signal in Grand Rapids, MI

Recently, we had the pleasure of meeting a new retail partner, The Comic Signal. Everyone at SPP are lifelong comic fans and collectors, we attend almost 40 conventions a year, and we are in stores from the Midwest to the East Coast; so we thought we had seen everything the world of comics had to offer. That is, until we stopped in at The Comic Signal. They have rare titles we've never seen before, classic favorites and tons of hot new titles. So naturally, we couldn't be more proud to have our books carried there.

Founded by Don Myers, The Comic Signal is a home for comic book lovers and enthusiasts. They offer other comic related items as well as a venue for popular board games and collectible card games such as Magic the Gathering.

The Comic Signal is the premiere stop for your favorite Source Point Press titles such as Norah, The Rot, Savants, Hank Steiner, Jack of Spades, Rottentail, Scorn, Classic Pulp, Up the River, Magma-Man, Monstrous, Dead Duck and our latest graphic novel, Iktomi. 

So stop by there today and check out this amazing store!

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