Source Point Press Debuts in February's Previews Catalog

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Official Press Release

Horror and science fiction publisher Source Point Press will be debuting in the February 2018 issue of the Previews catalog from Diamond Comic Distributors. Source Point will solicit 3 titles in the issue, scheduled to hit retailers in April, including 2 one-shot comic books and a trade paperback graphic novel.

Founded in 2012, the company has seen rapid growth in publishing books, comics and graphic novels, especially in the last couple years. They’ve recently expanded into ancillary efforts, building on the popularity of their titles in the form of movies, board games, and even audio drama series.

“We’ve been honored that the growing demand for our comic books has allowed us to independently distribute our products to retailers,” says Founder and Art Director Joshua Werner, “but we’re very excited to take this step with Diamond Comic Distributors. Comic book stores everywhere will now be able to order our titles conveniently and easily in their regular Previews orders.”

The following titles from Source Point Press will be appearing in February’s Previews:

Haunted High-Ons (One-shot Comic)

Jamie Madrox and Monoxide - collectively known as the horror core rap duo TWIZTID - have carved out a comfortable side-gig for themselves as fake ghost hunters... but what happens when a routine house call yields not only a ghost, but a killer demon to boot? Hijinks and horror, of course! Written by Dirk Manning (Nightmare World, Tales of Mr. Rhee), with pencils and inks by Marianna Pescosta and colors and letters by Alessandro DeFornasari. Hitting stores 4/11/18. $3.99 Diamond Code: FEB181780

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Dead Duck and Zombie Chick: Rising From the Grave (One- shot Comic)

Master cartoonist Jay Fosgitt (My Little Pony, Rocket Raccoon and Groot, Bodie Troll) returns to his darkly comedic roots with the return of Dead Duck and Zombie Chick! Laugh along with the deadpan humor as Dead Duck does his best to keep up on his day job... delivering the souls of the dead for processing! Hitting stores 4/25/18. $4.99  Diamond Code: FEB181781

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Salvagers: Abandoned Cargo (Graphic Novel)

This trade paperback collects all four issues of the Salvagers: Abandoned Cargo comic book miniseries. In the distant future, the habitable planets are connected through the trade of natural and artificial resources. After the end of the Galactic War, peace blanketed the galaxy; however, planets with little shipping resources turned to piracy or developed small guerrilla military units geared to pillage trade ships. This spawned the necessity for trade companies to hire private security contractors for protection. Even under the security of peacetime, there is no shortage of violence in outer space; from looting raiders, Navy destroyers neutralizing a rebel movement to the simplest space station falling victim to a rogue asteroid. These destroyed or abandoned ships and stations are classified as "WRECKS." Licensed crews are commissioned by governments, empires and corporations to remove these lifeless hulks. In a hostile galaxy, the risk and reward is high for these crews. They are known as...SALVAGERS. Written by Bob Salley (Drexler, Shelter Division) with art by George Acevedo, colors by DeSiKa, and letters by HdE. Hitting stores 4/18/18. $17.99 Diamond Code: FEB181782

Diamond Code : FEB181782

Diamond Code: FEB181782

“We’re kicking off our Previews debut with some beloved titles,” says Source Point Press Editor-In-Chief Travis McIntire. “If you’re new to Source Point and our particular brand of horror, sci-fi and humor, this is the perfect introduction to who we are and what we do. We hope you’ll join in on the fun.”

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Source Point Press is a Michigan-based publisher, rapidly becoming a leader in publishing alternative fiction in the form of books, graphic novels, and comics. With a large focus on horror and science fiction, Source Point continues to produce quality content with both legends in the industry as well as new artists and writers on the rise. More information can be found at, and

Email for inquiries or interview opportunities with the creators. 

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