Help us get Source Point Press Comics in YOUR Local Store!

As you may have heard, Source Point Press debuted in Diamond distribution's monthly store catalog PREVIEWS this month! We're kicking off the first month with our new distribution with 3 hot titles! Haunted High-Ons, Salvagers: Abandoned Cargo, and Dead Duck and Zombie Chick: Rising From the Grave!

We need YOUR help to make this a success! Want to help? Have questions? Here's your answers below!

Q: I want my shop to carry you, but I don't know how they go about picking what's on their shelves. How does PREVIEWS work?

A: Every month all the comic book shops get a copy of Previews to look through and make their orders from. In the February issue they see the list of the comics hitting store shelves in April, then they decide what they're going to order for April and send their order in at the end of February (they always place their orders 2 months before they come out). Without customers coming in to the store asking them to order in the Source Point Press titles, they may not even realize they're in there.


Q: I'd love to see Source Point Press titles in my local comic shop! How can I help?

A: The biggest way you can help is by pre-ordering our titles in your local comic book store, using this handy dandy sheet our Art Director Josh whipped up shown below. Just print it out, check off what you want ordered in, and take it into your local store. If a store owner sees you want these comics, they may realize that others might want to buy these titles also, so when placing the order for yours, they might order a couple extra to put on the shelf for others to find in the store! Even just getting your comic store to look through the catalog to find our little section is a huge help. It's a BIG catalog, they might not even see us at all unless someone tells them personally to check it out. 

Q: I want to REALLY help get your stuff in my shop and I want to own all the cool stuff you're making! How do I go the extra mile?

A: If you're a hardcore fan and want to get your hands on all the latest comics and graphic novels we're distributing each month, we put another check box on this sheet asking your store to keep ordering in the Source Point Press titles each month for you. If you're worried this could get out of control and you'll walk into a mountain of graphic novels waiting for you, don't worry! We're pacing these nice and easy for everyone and we want you to know what to expect. Each month Source Point Press will distribute about 3 to 4 comics and graphic novels to comic shops through Previews, and they'll usually be spread out through 3 different weeks of that month. 
If you want to really go the extra mile, and get the extra cool perks that you can't get via your local comic shop, you can always check out our PATREON that launched recently, where you get awesome exclusives!


Q: Alright! I'm printing out this sheet, filling it out, and taking it to my favorite comic shop! Just one last question... How much do you love me?

A: We love you SO much. We love you in ways no other can love you. We love you more than your mom does. And you know who else loves you? Your local comic shop! By ordering our books in through them, you're showing support for both us AND your favorite store. When you get back from dropping off this order sheet at the shop, throw up a tweet or a facebook post about it and tag the store and us in it. Then we'll show you just how much we love. (It's no secret though, it's a LOT. Expect an onslaught of affection teetering creepily on stalker-ish levels.)

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