Of Thoughts and Nightmares: Eleven

Welcome to a new web comic series that goes live here at SourcePointPress.com every friday... Of Thoughts and Nightmares!
This is an anthology of strange daydreams and unsettling nightmares collected and illustrated by Dylan B. Caleho. Inspired by and originally made as a way for the creator to cope with her own nightmares, the comic has become a way to share some spooky experiences with others and connect in a unique yet dark fashion. Within these pages, you can expect to hear everything from common fears of imagining figures in the darkness, to much more bizarre and sometimes gruesome themes. It is truly fascinating to see what the mind can stir up in the dead of night. 

And now your first story, Eleven. And a note from the creator Dylan:

This is a re-occuring nightmare of mine that I’ve had since I was 8 or 9 years old.  There is only one rule to follow in this nightmare, but I always end up breaking it somehow...
1---Eleven-pg-1 (GIF).gif
2 - Eleven pg 2.png
3 - Eleven pg 3.png
4 - Eleven pg 4.png

We'll see you back here next week for the next one! Thanks for stopping by!