Level up your comic collection and discover up-and-coming creators with ‘Get in the Game,’ a brand new comic anthology from Source Point Press. Curated by Pat Kawula, ‘Get in the Game’ is available now and will be in shops Wednesday, Apr. 28 with 110 hit points...err pages.

Get in the Game is a collection of 8 page comics from 10 different creative teams based around a simple prompt: video games. The creative teams run the gamut from first time creators to indie comics veterans. The first-timers are hungry to prove themselves and the veterans have been amazingly supportive in the process.

"Source Point Press is proud to have ‘Get in the Game’ in our lineup. What a fantastic collection of work, featuring some of my favorite writers and artists in the industry," says SPP Art Director Joshua Werner.

Each story is linked together by the video game theme, but each creative team has taken that theme into its own direction, from humor to self discovery and even life and death.

“This was a passion project for me and my first foray into creating my own comics. As such, I wanted to be sure to bring others along with me by inviting first time creators and veterans alike to work on the book,” says Kawula.

February 11, 2021 — Deep Water Games distribution

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