Source Point Press Editor-In-Chief Joshua Werner will be representing the comic publisher in multiple panels at Comic-Con International: San Diego. Werner will be attending the convention Jul. 21 - 23 speaking on the topics of printing comics, pitching comics, and the state of independent comics in 2022. Plus, don’t miss out as Werner makes an exclusive announcement during the What’s New in Independent Comics 2022 on Friday!

The full details and descriptions of each panel are below. 

Printing Comics: Everything You Need to Know

Thursday, July 21st

4pm - 5pm, (Room 11)

Josh Werner (Source Point Press) joins Andy Schmidt (ONS Printing) and Thomas Cho (TriVision) for a concise overview of the different types of printing, how to determine which is right for your project, how to find the best printer to partner with, and what you need to know about the process to make sure your book looks the best it can.

What’s New in Independent Comics 2022

Friday, July 22nd

8pm - 9pm, (Room 9)

Josh Werner (Source Point Press) joins David Dissanayake (Vault Comics), Christina Harrington (Aftershock Comics), and Joshua Starnes (Red 5 Comics) to discuss new challenges and opportunities in the independent comics space and to preview upcoming titles, including an exciting Source Point Press announcement to be made. Moderated by Jen King.

What Comic Publishers Want!

Saturday, July 23rd

2pm - 3pm, (Room 11)

Josh Werner (Source Point Press) joins Andy Schmidt (CEX Publishing), Chris Ryall (Syzygy, IDW), Joe Schmalke (Black Caravan), and writer Rich Douek (Wastelanders, Sea of Sorrows) to discuss the ins-and-outs of pitching your comic to a publisher!

See you in San Diego!
July 19, 2022 — Ox Eye Media Publishing and Distribution

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