Explore the Velor region early with the Familiars ashcan. No matter your “starter type,” the Familiars ashcan is the perfect entry point into the newest world from Garrett Gunn and Michael Calero, available now at izzyscomics.com

Long ago, the Old Gods of the universe ruled alongside their mythical Familiars. Ancient and 

magical beasts imprinted upon each champion at birth and said to have been hand selected for each trainer by the Father. Before his mysterious death, The Father converged all the realms of the universe into one solitary region, known as Velor. 

Familiars is the story of a Champion. It follows Ayse Katsu, as she attempts to reach the Path of Kami's Chosen; a mythical state of existence reserved for those who are worthy of being named the greatest champions in the region. 

“More than anything, Familiars is about friendships. It's about the idea that nobody reaches their dreams alone. That it’s the bonds we make and the connections we build to others, our community, and to nature that help us grow” says Gunn. 

The Familiars ashcan showcases the most exciting part of the upcoming series, the battles, but it also offers a glimpse into the future of the Valor region. 

“The ashcan is a look into the future of the series, where we see sort of a culminating event that the regular series will be building towards. Plus, if you're a collector, it's the first appearance of the entire main cast,” says Gunn. 

The regular Familiars series is set to debut later this year from Source Point Press with a super-sized first issue in magazine format. The ashcan is available now, only at izzyscomics.com

February 19, 2021 — Deep Water Games distribution

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