Good Boy Limited Edition Enamel Pin Bundle


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Source Point Press is dropping a Good Boy LIMITED EDITION Enamel Pin Bundle only available to pre-order today until 5/20/2022 on SourcePointPress.Com. 
  • Good Boy Vol. 2 #1 First Printing
  • Good Boy Vol. 2 #1 Mystery Variant Cover
  • Good Boy Enamel Pin

Good Boy Enamel Pin Bundle is limited to 50 pre-orders. Bundles will ship June 30th

(W) Garrett Gunn, Christina Blanch (A) Kit Wallis (CA) Danica Brine
With revenge in his rearview mirror, Flint heads for The Farm; a peaceful community for
retired and deactivated Guild members. But his dreams are short-lived when he finds the
facility in rubble after an attack by a mysterious canine named Tucker who will stop at
NOTHING to repay a decades old vengeful debt.