Jack of Spades, Vol. 1: A Wild Card


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(W) Trico Lutkins, (A) Joshua Werner

Jack of Spades, Vol. 1: A Wild Card collects The Origin of Plasmaster (from Source Point Presents #1), Jack of Spades #0, Jack of Spades: Lonely Tower Lives (from Alter Egos Volume 1), Jack of Spades #1, and exclusive bonus content. As the growing threat of the parahuman population rages, the Nuevas Vegas police force begin taking new precautions. But only one man is successful in bringing down this new wave of super-powered crime, the masked P.I. known only as The Jack of Spades. In a city ruled by criminal organizations, can Spade truly get the job done? And where does he fit in with the mounting politics? Packed with action and a pulp noir appeal, this collection is the perfect intro to Trico Lutkins' unique world of characters and its #1 wild card, the Jack of Spades.
90 pages.