Prepare for a Thanksgiving themed lesson in hubris and alien violence.Turkey Day is the newest one-shot from the mind of horror/comedy maestro David C. Hayes, available online andi n comic shops Wednesday, Nov. 1

Turkey Day is written by Brian Dunphy and Dan Gorman based on a story by Hayes. Dunphy and Gorman are also the artist and colorist on the book respectively, with cover art by Dunphy and James Couts. 

Turkey Day takes place in the town of Pilgrim Point, IL. Much like the rest of the Midwest,Pilgrim Point is conservative and blind to history. The local history teacher tries to inject some real information into the yearly Thanksgiving pageant, but he is rebuffed and the town continues to perpetuate the myth that the pilgrims weren’t awful invaders.When parasitic aliens take over the turkeys of a corporate farm and march on the pageant, the towns folk believe them to be benevolent visitors (’cause of the lie they keep telling themselves...get it?). The history teacher knows the truth, but no one cares.

Turkey Day follows in the footsteps of Hayes’ previous comedy/horror holiday distortions, Kringle and Rottentail (now a motion picture).

"David [C. Hayes] decided that it was time to massacre another beloved holiday, and I am honored that he picked me and Dan Gorman to bring Turkey Day to life. With David's guidance,Dan andI put a lot of time, love and gravy into writing, drawing and coloring this Thanksgiving comedy/horror and I can't wait for everyone to see it. I hope you'll enjoy Turkey Day! Uh, pass the stuffing..." says Dunphy. 

Turkey Day will be available in comic shops and online at on Wednesday, Nov. 17 2021

September 22, 2021 — Ox Eye Media Publishing and Distribution

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