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Source Point Press publishes books, comic books, and graphic novels. Working with both industry legends and new talents on the rise, we strive to bring you the best storytelling in horror, sci-fi, pulp, true crime, the occult, and supernatural.

SPP was founded by Josh Werner in Detroit before settling in Saginaw, MI. Thanks to the talent and hard work of Michigan creators, Source Point has expanded from the beating heart of midwestern America throughout the world. Source Point Press comics and novels are available everywhere, just ask your local comic shop or visit our webstore!

Popular Creators

Joshua Werner

Joshua Werner is an author and illustrator who currently serves as the Chief Creative Officer of Ox Eye Media. He's written such popular books and short stories as The Brutality of Fact, Adoration for the Dead, The Invention, Osiris, and Rampant, and the popular Winchester Mystery House series; based on the famous house in San Jose, California.

Cullen Bunn

Cullen Bunn is an American comics writer, novelist, and short story writer, best known for his work on comic books such asUncanny X-Men, X-Men: Blue, Magneto and various Deadpool miniseries for Marvel Comics, and his upcoming creator-owned series Nightwalkers!

Garrett Gunn

An occasionally talented writer, Garrett Gunn is the creator and writer of books like Good Boy, Little Red Ronin, Franklin and Ghost, Cold Dead Hands, Go West, and Warcorns. He also serves as the Chief Branding officer of Ox Eye Media and its comic publishing arm Source Point Press.

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