Source Point Press Launches New All Ages IP 'Doom Kitty' With Lyx Lyon

Source Point Press, a publishing company primarily known for its mature horror and action titles, is excited to announce the debut of its latest character aimed at all ages, "Doom Kitty”. A collection of comic strips about Doom Kitty’s adventures aim to bring their style of storytelling and humor to readers in a way that is safe and appropriate for children, while keeping adults laughing and just as in love with the character as their younger counterparts.  


Banished from Heck for knocking over a container of trapped souls, Doom Kitty has been sent to the mortal world to collect them all back. Finding these lost souls won’t be easy! Doom Kitty quickly realizes that they need a mortal minion to provide food and shelter. Luckily, awkward and naïve artist, Todd Beckett, adopts Doom Kitty and as a first-time cat owner unaware of the danger and horrors about to unfold, he finds himself in many relatable and hilarious situations. “Filled with wicked humor, meaningful characters, and supernatural elements, we truly believe that Doom Kitty is a comic that is destined to become an instant classic,” says writer and artist Lyx Lyon. The comic, based on a concept by Garrett Gunn (Good Boy, Spero, Warcorns), along with a great lineup of exciting merchandise, is making its debut via a Kickstarter campaign that is currently live and ending July 4th.


Source Point’s in-house Designer and Production Manager, Lyx Lyon, has been tasked with heading the Source Point Kids Division to create an exciting new wave of all ages content and products, in a market that struggles with newly created all ages properties. After spear-heading the release of the Cuddlee plushie toy line, debuting with Cuddlee Kaiju, a Source Point IP gaining attention from fans of all ages, Lyx Lyon is now bringing her own art and writing skills to Doom Kitty. “This comic series transcends age barriers and brings together all who are looking for lots of laughs from lovable and memorable characters,” says Lyon. “I strongly believe that there are no age limits to imagination, humor, or adventure. Doom Kitty is a testament to the fact that creativity knows no bounds and can bring both adults and kids alike on an exciting and hilarious journey. Comics have always been for everyone, and we’re thrilled to be a part of that rich legacy, where stories unite us, and bring readers of all ages together.”


“We’re currently celebrating our 10th anniversary here at Source Point,” says Co-Founder Joshua Werner. “We have numerous fans that have been buying our comics, mostly mature ones, for years. And now many of them have kids of their own who are of a reading age. When they’re standing in a comic shop grabbing one of our titles for themselves, they need some great options to grab for their kids as well. Not just the same handful of licensed IPs that have been kicking around shops for ages, but something that parents find just as fun as the child. Something they can enjoy together. Doom Kitty is exactly that.” Doom Kitty will be joining the ranks of Source Point’s expanding all-ages offerings, including Molang: Fun and Friends by Joshua Werner and Thom Zahler (continuing the adventures from the hit animated series), The Adventures of Cthulhu Jr. and Friends by Dirk Manning and Scoot McMahon, Spero by Garrett Gunn and Martha Webby, Bug Bites by Corinne Roberts, and more.

With comics shops declining orders on all ages titles at a frightening rate, Source Point chose to debut the new character via Kickstarter in a hope to reach a larger audience, determined to keep growing the Source Point Kids division despite the struggles at the retail level. “This project has been a labor of love. Working with an IP that’s intended for all ages can be challenging, but there’s also a bit of relief that comes with that,” says Lyx Lyon. “You might be surprised to learn that most people, no matter what age, enjoy pretty similar things that form the essential building blocks to writing a new comic. Unforgettable characters, relatable moments, and, of course, comedy are the main ingredients for striking a chord with readers of all ages.”


The first Doom Kitty comic, along with stickers, an art print, t-shirt, pin and more can be found on the crowdfunding campaign page at “If this campaign goes well and resonates with the audience in the way we hope it will,” says Joshua Werner, “then we’re very eager to grow the brand and have already began work on a prototype of a Doom Kitty plushie.



 Source Point Press is a Michigan-based publisher that aims to bring unique and exciting stories to readers around the world. With a focus on horror, action, and sci-fi, Source Point Press has become a go-to destination for fans looking for the next evolutionary step in entertainment. For more information, visit For a curated selection of all ages content, visit



Lyx Lyon is a writer, artist, designer, and the Production Manager at Ox Eye Media, Inc. where she primarily does design and production work for Source Point Press, Source Point Toys, and Source Point Games. Lyx’s passion lies in creating inclusive products that are inviting and accessible to people of all ages and backgrounds.  She recently designed the hit roll-and-write game Floor Plan: The Winchester Mystery House as well as the beloved Cuddlee Kaiju plushie line.


June 15, 2023 — Josh Werner

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