Rock Legends Partner with Source Point Press for Crossbone Skully Comic Book

Crossbone Skully, a self-proclaimed time-traveling extraterrestrial in love with Earth’s rock ‘n’ roll, has become the centerpiece of a massive multimedia project from Tommy Henriksen, the guitar player for Alice Cooper and The Hollywood Vampires. On March 13th, a Kickstarter campaign for the official comic book of the project launched, by Skully himself. The comic tells Crossbone Skully’s story of “Thing #1”, a sci-fi tale of an event that will happen to Earth in the near future, and it has garnered the support of many legendary icons in the music industry. This Deluxe Edition of the comic features exclusive content and the campaign offers opportunities for other exclusive Crossbone Skully items. “It’s about time someone recognized Crossbone Skully, one of the most mysterious characters of the cosmos,” says Alice Cooper. “Is he a villain or a hero? I don’t know. Maybe a little of both. All I know is… Don’t cross Crossbone Skully.”

“Crossbone Skully is like nothing you’ve experienced before,” says the comic’s writer Joshua Werner. “Skully is real. He’s a galaxy-hopping, time-traveling alien with a rock band that knows about something catastrophic that will happen to our world very soon. He came here to warn us of what’s to come… and Thing #1 is the story he told.” The themes of the Thing #1 tale are very present in the lyrics of the upcoming rock album Crossbone Skully: Evil World Machine, whose first single, ‘Evil World Machine’, is available now on Spotify and Apple Music. In addition to the album, Crossbone Skully himself made an appearance on Earth, alongside Tommy Henriksen, at Fan Expo San Francisco, where, along with Director and Animator Riley Andrew Donahue, they debuted the Crossbone Skully short animated film, starring the voice talents of Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, Nikki Sixx, Kane Roberts, Mark Wilkinson, and other rock legends.


“Crossbone Skully is about doing the right thing. He’s not about left, he’s not about right, he’s about doing what’s right,” says Tommy Henriksen. “And Source Point Press has done such a wonderful job putting this together.” Joining Henriksen and Werner are interior artist Stan Yak (Broken Gargoyles, Go West), colorist Colin Johnson (Nightwalkers, The Winchester Mystery House), letterer and designer Dave Lentz (Good Boy,The Curse of Cleaver County), with cover art by the legendary album cover artist, Mark Wilkinson (Iron Maiden, Judas Priest). Other items available in this campaign include a chromium variant cover by Werner himself, an exclusive t-shirt design, original artwork, Henriksen and Werner’s autographs, and more. One particular unique item is a special “Alien Nation VIP Dignitary” card, granting its owner access to the database on Skully’s ship, The Helldriver. There they can access bonus content, including an exclusive Crossbone Skully song.  Crossbone Skully’s debut album, Evil World Machine, is due out this year from Better Noise Music Records.


The Crossbone Skully: Thing #1 Kickstarter page is live now at, where the alien himself has been interacting with the audience in the comment section. You definitely don't want to miss some of this extraterrestrial's stories he's been telling...



March 17, 2023 — Josh Werner

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