Warcorns Audio Drama Ep. 1


Listen to the Warcorns come to life in the FIRST EVER Warcorns Audio Drama. Follow along with Warcorns #1 to hear our incredible cast bring the pages of the comic to life in an all new MIXperience. 

Starring David Matranga (Big Sarge), Chris Jai Alex (Floater), Josh Grelle (Gunney), J Michael Tatum (Drill Sergeant Emerald Hoofington), Monica Rial (Marecy Longstride), Patrick Seitz (Mr. Sarge), Sarah Wiedenheft (Her Majesty Sparklebutt), Sean Schemmel (Narrator, Newscaster, various voices), and Garrett Gunn (Recruiter Dave)!

Directed by Sean Schemmel

Produced by Garrett Gunn and Sean Schemmel

Also available as an add-on to Warcorns #1!