Gothic steampunk series Monstrous returns with a brand new miniseries, Monstrous: Heartbreak and Blood Loss, a swashbuckling ghost story with hidden secrets, bloodthirsty pirates, a cave filled with treasure, and a whole host of things that will leave you haunted. Heartbreak and Blood Loss #1 is available for pre-order now and will be in shops Wednesday, May 26.

Written by Greg Wright, each issue of Heartbreak and Blood Loss features an original story, each with its own artists including: Maria Santaolalla, Gary and Josh Sobek, Alexander Mortarion, and Rachel Young. Heartbreak and Blood Loss #1 is elegantly illustrated by Young. 

“These stupendous artists help to ground this world, making it feel real and lived in.  There's a rough and dark beauty to these stories of supernatural monsters interacting with the living, and this art team finds the different flavors and tones to the stories to bring them to vivid, pulsing life,” says Wright. 

How would you handle being haunted? A lonely lighthouse keeper learns she's living right above a ghost pirate protecting cursed treasure. At first they struggle to figure out who will give up the territory first, but they quickly learn that they have a lot in common, including some enemies determined to destroy them both. 

Monstrous is the longest running series at Source Point Press, but readers don’t need to start at the beginning to enjoy each volume. 

Monstrous: Heartbreak and Blood Loss is a perfect jumping-on point for readers because it offers a nice selection of what Monstrous has to offer.  We have cursed buried treasure, steampunk robot blaster battles, vampire violence, and more action than you can shake a wooden stake at!” says Wright.

Heartbreak and Blood Loss has something for Monstrous fans new and old, including appearances from brand new characters alongside fan favorites like Hans, the human brain put into a steam-powered robot body by Dr. Frankenstein. 

“The classic feel of Gothic horror infused with steampunk flavor is still there, as is the humor and a cast of strange and unusual characters.  But this volume is a little more focused on how romance can sometimes do more damage than the most menacing of monsters.  There's something for everybody in here, and I can't wait to hear what folks think of this new batch of Monstrous stories!” says Wright.

March 30, 2021 — Deep Water Games distribution

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