The most terrifying monsters in history are coming to Kickstarter with only one goal; TO CONQUER WITH CUTENESS! From Ox Eye Media and Rip Rap Toys, Cuddlee Kaiju: Season One launches in May with four original plush characters and an exclusive comic book ashcan.

Cuddlee Kaiju is a line of plush toys debuting with four HUGE personalities exclusively on Kickstarter: Wingnut, Thrasher, Squid Vicious, and Double Heather. Their official character descriptions are as follows:

Wingnut - Ancient Name: Wingoru - Air Assault Kaiju - For thousands of years, the dreaded monster formerly known as Wingoru commanded the sky. Domination was once a breeze for one of his hulking stature, but his days of conquest are over. These days, he longs for simpler satisfactions; usually a CUDDLEE and crushing snuggle will do.

Thrasher - Ancient Name: Thrakkor II - Punk Rock Kaiju - Disenchanted by the capitalist and socio-political propaganda of classical Kaiju ideology, the former plains-dwelling conqueror abandons his family name and becomes Thrasher: a metalhead with a heart of gold.

Squid Vicious - Ancient Name: Squidormmu - Deep Sea Kaiju - The dark of the ocean is a haunting place, with beasts more terrifying the deeper you explore. None more sinister than the creature formerly known as Squidormmu! With tentacles of death, and a hunger for the souls of sailors traversing the seven seas, Squid Vicious has found a more effective way of luring vessels into the deep dark beyond; SQUATS.

The THICC-er the booty, the easier to LOOT-y….

Double Heather - Ancient Name: Dok Heeter - Inseparable Twin Kaiju - Born from the expanding layers caused by earth’s tectonic shifts, Dok Heeter’s monumental frame is tough as rocks, but that doesn't mean they’re not sensitive. The first and only Inseparable Twin Kaiju in existence, Double Heather are more of a danger to each other than they are to the outside world.   

Even more kaiju are set to be revealed at New York Comic Con 2022. 

“The longevity of the Cuddlee Kaiju brand is our top priority, and we have tons of plans for not only this line, but also all those that follow. This campaign is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something very special,” says Garrett Gunn, chief brand officer of Ox Eye Media and Rip Rap Toys. 

Cuddlee Kaiju is the latest brainchild from Gunn, who also co-created fan-favorite comic series such as Good Boy, Warcorns, Postmasters and more. Gunn is the writer of the Cuddlee Kaiju comic series, coming this year from Source Point Press. A collectible ashcan of the first issue is also available exclusively through the Cuddlee Kaiju Season One Kickstarter.  

Exploring the origin of the Cuddlee Kaiju, the comic series follows Acclaimed Archaeologist Braxton Ravenscroft in his search for the mythical Hinode Gem. Legend tells of the gem's ability to summon an ancient power. Enchanted by his professional curiosity and personal ambition, Braxton heads to the Japanese Alps in hopes that the mystical jewel can be found once and for all. But the secrets held by the gem, and the ancient evil it unlocks, endanger all of humankind.   

The Cuddlee Kaiju: Season One campaign will last for 30 days, and hopes to raise $39,900. Those who love the cute and the dangerous can follow the campaign now at to be notified on launch.

April 18, 2022 — Ox Eye Media Publishing and Distribution

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