Doom Kitty Comic (Pre-Order)


If you missed the Kickstarter, don't worry! We've got you! Join Doom Kitty and friends in this hilarious, all-ages comic book! This First Edition will also include tons of never before seen bonus content! Estimated to come out this September, puurrrffect timing for spooky season! 

Banished from Heck for knocking over a container of trapped souls, Doom Kitty has been sent to the mortal world to collect them all back. Finding these lost souls won’t be easy! Doom Kitty quickly realizes that they need a mortal minion to provide food and shelter. Luckily, awkward and naïve artist, Todd Beckett, adopts Doom Kitty and as a first-time cat owner unaware of the danger and horrors about to unfold, he finds himself in many comedic, yet relatable situations.


Concept by Garrett Gunn

Written, Illustrated, and Lettered by Lyx Lyon

(Note: This is a PRE-ORDER and will not be sent out until September 2023)