EXCLUSIVE VARIANTS: The Curse of Cleaver County: Double Feature - Elrod Bundle


This Webstore Exclusive Source Point Premium set of variant covers of The Curse of Cleaver County: Double Feature is the first cover appearance of THE DYERVILLE DEVIL, a character making his demonic debut in this very comic. This limited edition variant bundle features cover art by ROBERT ELROD and includes one copy of the Trade Dressed version and one copy of the Virgin version in black and white. Both copies come signed by writers Garrett Gunn and Joshua Werner and each include a Certificate of Authenticity. 
This comic introduces the brand new HORROR-VERSE from Source Point Press! Set in one of the deadliest fictional locations in the world, the Curse of Cleaver County follows some of the most grotesque, gruesome, and go refueled killers as they haunt, horrify, and harrow the peaceful residents!
Featuring stories written by Garrett Gunn and Joshua Werner with art by Kit Wallis and Keyla Valerio, and lettering and design by Dave Lentz.
Trade Dressed Elrod Variant is limited to 1000 copies, Virgin Elrod Variant (and this bundle) is limited to 500 copies.

NOTE: This bundle will not start shipping out until approximately 12/26/22 or later.