Frantic: Creature Feature Vault 1




FRANTIC: Creature Feature Vault 1 is a collection of articles, essays, short stories, and comics from the exciting worlds of horror and science fiction that were previously lost to time! This specially curated, restored, and remastered content is brought to you with the greatest of care, and with heart, by monster movie fanatic, horror-storian, author, and artist Joshua “Frantic” Werner.

The articles within hail from a golden age of horror and science fiction, all newly edited and redesigned with new typography and even some new illustrations by Werner himself. Photos and illustrations brought out of the past have undergone a 7-step restoration process, undoing decades of damage done to the scarce remaining copies of the original publications that horror fans experienced once upon a time. Vault 1 contains: the story of the rise of Rod Serling and
The Twilight Zone, a comprehensive look at the career of Boris Karloff, a close-up look at The Day of the Triffids and This Island Earth, behind-the-scenes concept art for Planet of the Apes, a deep dive into the remarkable transformation of Lon Chaney into The Hunchback of Notre Dame, short horror stories, comics, and so much more!

Join our Creature Feature Club and jump into the Frantic time machine to experience lost content being brought to a new audience, so that it may continue to live on and fascinate Creature Kids around the world.