Murder By Mail Case No. 001 - Autographed Bundle


Coffee not included. ;)
This Murder by Mail Case No. 001 Autographed Bundle contains both Cover A and Cover B of Murder by Mail Case No. 001, both autographed by creator Joshua Werner. It also includes a special vinyl Investigator Badge and lanyard, only available in this bundle!
ALSO: If you attend a convention or live event where Joshua Werner is present, either at his own booth or the Source Point Press booth, and you come to him wearing this badge, you will receive a special bonus secret assignment!


 You're a Private Investigator, working for Illicit Investigations, Inc. in Bridgewater, Cleaver County, and your first client just brought you a case you'll never forget...
In Murder by Mail, a fully interactive role-playing experience, you are presented with evidence from an unsolved murder case, and through the favors you call in, the interviews you conduct, and your own wits and attention to detail, you can discover the identity of the killer and put the case to rest. 
In Case No. 001, Annie Donovan's father has been brutally murdered in a hit-and-run, mere months after the unsolved murder of her mother. Has a killer marked her family for death? Will she be next? Can you navigate the twists and turns of this case and find the true killer?